Technical facilities

Though Belarus has no BSP so far, the issue of introduction of the international billing and settlement system in the country has already been discussed.

Now the airlines implementing the Direct e–ticket tool provided by Amadeus allowing issue of e–tickets without BSP.

Presentation (PPT)

Currently, introduction of e–tickets is almost completed. For the moment e–ticket sales ratio reaches 90%. Belarusian market of air tickets is distinguished for its compactness and is characterized by a small number of agents (about 20) having an excellent business reputation and operating at a good professional level.


Legal terms and conditions

To be able to legally operate in Belarus, an airline shall be registered by the Aviation Authorities of Belarus. In case the existing intergovernmental treaties exempt the carrier from taxes, such carrier may legally operate in our country. However, if there are no treaties and agreements in the field of air traffic or if such treaties and agreements stipulate no exemption from local taxes, companies shall pay the so–called “freight tax” – 6% of their turnover. Foreign companies may legalize their presence in the country through a general sales agent (GSA) that will actually perform the functions of a representative office of the airline.

Settlements between clients and agents and airlines are used to be in hard currency. Nevertheless the National Bank of Belarus starting from 1 February 2010 allows only BYR as for ticket settlements within the country. When a ticket is purchased for Belarusian rubles, the price shall be calculated at the exchange rate to be determined at the seller’s own risk. The market faces changes and operators will have to shift to the national currency. GSA consolidates financial ruble flows and will perform conversion on its own and settle accounts with airlines in hard currency.